What Is The Keto Diet

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If you are on the road to losing weight, then you have probably heard of the keto diet. It is basically a diet that forces your body to burn fat instead of carbs, thus helping you lose weight. It was  originally created to  help children control epilepsy.

Most people have tried one diet or another without the results they were looking for. One of the biggest reasons they did not achieve their goals is the fact they did not stick with the diet properly. Weight loss starts in your mind and then moves to your stomach. If you are not mentally prepared to lose weight then all the dieting in the world wont help a bit.

There are hundreds of diets on the market, some work and some are junk. Most of the commercial packed diets are not really intended to be a long term solution to weight loss. They are designed like that so you keep wasting your hard earned money and making them rich. All most companies care about is their bottom line and not your bottom.

You need something for the long term, that will melt the pounds off and keep it off. The Keto diet is right at the top of the list for weight loss along with the Paleo diet and several other quality diets. A good diet, proper mindset and some light physical activity will certainly take off the weight but persistence is the key to long term weight loss.

The Keto diet removes all the non essential junk that most foods contain and puts your body into fat  burning mode. I have heard talk of the Keto flu and other side effects like lack of essential vitamins and minerals but that can be avoided with the right foods and by taking baby steps into the keto diet.

My wife has been a stickler for the Keto diet and never has had any side effects. I myself don't follow it as strict as she does and I have never had any side effects, well except better health and more mental clarity. Research also shows that the Keto diet helps stroke victims heal faster,helps improve brain function and reduces inflammation.

The Keto diet can be complicated unless you have someone who plans your meals for you every week and gives you support. That is what we are all about, helping you plan your meals and giving you the support you need to shed those extra pounds and live a healthy life style. Subscribe to our mailing list and get all the help you need to have the body and health you always wanted.

You should consult a physician before you make any diet changes especially if you are on medication.

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PS. We live the Keto diet and know it will work for you

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