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Losing Weight is Hard

Face the truth, losing weight can be hard to do. Most people who try to lose weight end up quitting before they see any results. When we first started on our journey to weight loss, those fat cells did not want to leave. Back in 2003 God laid it on our hearts to quit smoking cigarettes. At first it was a little challenging but as time went by it got easier. Now this was a good thing except for the warning people gave us about quitting smoking.

The word on the street was when you quit smoking you gain weight. We were always pretty thin and figured it would never happen to us. The next few years saw some weight gain but it was nothing serious. We had managed to add a few extra pounds to our frames so it was time to start eating better and exercise. It seemed to work for a few years but after a while some of the weight was sticking around.

We had lost our daughter all of a sudden in 2010 and this left a deep hole in our heart. We were sitting around depressed and started eating a lot. …

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