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The Effects of Sexual Dysfunction

Men and Women both feel the effects of a low sex drive. Consider sexual dysfunction a wake up call, that all is not fine with you and your health. Impotence is a red flag for heart disease, because the blood vessels that carry blood to your (Johnson) during arousal are similar to the veins that pump blood to your heart.

When the blood vessels to dilate is a common cause of impotence. The same factors that cause limpness can also spell trouble for your heart.

 You might not need prescription drugs for impotence and here's why: a recent study of more than 800 Australian men published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that addressing risk factors for impotence was more effective than taking ED prescriptions.

 Sexual health from 'Male enhancement'products are ones that help men live better - with more than 1 path to the same destination. See, the bedroom part is just one part in the big picture of Male sexuality. Sure, it can be considered the best part, but the road to get…

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